Pembrook Cattle Co. Holiday Lights LiveOnline™ Sale 2021 December 14th, 2021 @ 7:00pm

Lot 1 – PCC KLS Rita 1316J

DOB: 5/20/21
Lot 1
SIRE: JSUL Something About Mary 8421 X RJ PF Rita 8288F
Heres a Big Time Elite 3/4 Simmental that will compete at the highest level but most importantly has the revenue generating potential to be the only donor your operation may ever need.  Her dam “Rita” dominated the show ring throughout her career. Not just winning within her breed but also being crowned Supreme Champion Female at the NAILE in Louisville KY. Its truly an honor to partner with KLS Farms in the marketing of this unique and incredible female!


DOB: 3/23/21
Lot 2
3/4 SIMMENTAL SALE HIGHLIGHT! The Bankroll x Steel Force cross really clicked here.  This blazed faced female has the power, presence, eye appeal and impeccable structure to compete and produce! Can’t miss buying opportunity!

Lot 3 – PCC SUL Come and Get it II 833J

DOB: 4/12/21
Lot 3
SIRE: GOET  I-80 X JSUL Dat Girl 7675E ET
Dual Registered Maintainer/ Low Chi-This is a beast of a female that has just the right blend of bone, power and hair combined with an Exclusive outline! A full sister to this female was crowned Grand Champion Maintainer Female at the 2021 Maine Junior Nationals for the Skiles family in TX.  Great disposition and Ready to go to the ring!

Lot 4 – JSUL PCC Flow 1255J

DOB: 9-Mar
Lot 4
SIRE: W/C Bankroll 811D X HAUGE FLO 002 (Daddy’s Money/Whiskey)
One of Travis’s favorite females of the fall. Here is  a dual registered 1/2 blood Simmental / Maintainer that can compete at the highest level. She’s big footed and huge boned with a perfect blend of flex and cushion to make her get out and go with authority at the ground.  On the standstill this one has an incredible look from the side as well. She’s big and yet elegant in her stature along with still having a very feminine and lady like front one third.  Here’s a player! 

Lot 5 – DL Jordan 614J ET

DOB: 3/6/21
Lot 5
SIRE: PVF Insight 0129 X CELL 5065ET
This 50% Limflex female is without a doubt one of the Highest End females Beth and I have had the opportunity to market in 2021. From the ground up she’s one that is absolutely flawless in her structure while still maintaining a unique blend of fore rib , extreme rib shape , coupled with added dimension and a lights out Supreme Female kind of look and presence! The potential is also here to have a donor that will produce sale topping genetics in multi breed scenarios. Retaining 1/2 Embryo Intrest .


DOB: 3/19/21
Lot 6
PUREBRED SIMMENTAL -LOOK, POWER & CHAMPION LINEAGE HERE! This heifer is a direct daughter of Guyers National Champion Simmental! Her dam was also Supreme at IL Beef Expo, Junior Nationals, Supreme IL State Fair, and NAILE junior and open champion female. There have not been very many Simmental females built with 6F’s power , balance, and eye appeal, and still as flexible at the surface. 6F is also a maternal sister to Sullivans Proud Mary. There have not been many opportunities to get in on this type of female. 

Lot 7 – Helm Farms Lil Mary 244J

DOB: 3/5/21
Lot 7
SIRE: JSUL Something About Mary 8421 X CMFM LIL Joy 738E
PUREBRED SIMMENTAL-ALERT! We are proud to partner with our friends at Helms Farms on this Outstanding. Female. Here’s a female that checks all the boxes for Beth and I. Mary has the structural integrity , the rib shape and volume, combined with the perfect outline and look that the show ring demands! With that being said, the pedigree and story is also here to back up our claim that this is a great one. Her dam was a many time winner, including 4 national champion titles. The Joy cow family has been a matriarch to the Simmental breed. Among her progeny is the game changer bull WLE Copacetic EO2. As you can tell we feel like this female has everything it takes to go the distance in the ring and the pasture.    

Lot 8 – DKBF PCC Daorv 680J

DOB: 6/23/21
Lot 8
SIRE: MANN Red Box X Silveiras Daorv 4385
UNIQUE!! RED ANGUS -Lets talk about this one. In the show ring they say extremes often win.  This female possesses those extremes. Daorv is extra special in terms of the overall femininity that she shows off through her long and sleek head and neck. To go with that she has an excellent set of running gear as well.  Here overall outline on the sideview profile is exceptional as well.  The dam of this young potential  champion was a top selection of Brown Farms when they were looking for a donor that could be an outlier for all the traits mentioned above.  

Lot 9 – BF PCC Crossfire 229J

DOB: 4/2/21
Lot 9
POWER IN ThE BLOOD with this mating.  The ROJAS Eagle Ford sired females have been as hot as a match this fall and performing at a high level.  The first daughter to show was crowned Champion Red Angus Female last weekend.  The dam of this great female was also a dominating Champion for Bret Pembrook and is now gracing the donor pen at Brown Farms in Texas .  As shown in her picture this heifer is a beast in terms of bone , extreme depth of rib and true base width .  We love the thought of what this heifer can do in and out of the show ring. 

Lot 10 – Sandy Turning Point

DOB: 3/22/21
Lot 10
SIRE: Conley Turning Point X Shorthorn - Reg. 4289459
Heres one of the best Shorthorn Plus heifers we have had sell in 2021.  As you can see by her pedigree this females blood lines run deep into the legendary Cates Farms Shorthorn program in Indiana. This Female is huge middled , wide based and yet very maternal and smooth in her lines and most importantly perfect in her structure.  Great Disposition/Great for young show person.

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