At Little Cedar Cattle Co in Beaverton, MI - Sale time is Noon EDT


"The Greatest Cow Families of the Shorthorn Breed"
Little Cedar Cattle Co. and the 2018 Great Shorthorn Revival Consignors are pleased to present the 17th Annual Revival Sale – an exceptional offering of Shorthorn breeding stock in every category. Make plans to join us in Beaverton on September 22, you’ll enjoy a relaxing, social weekend in “Up North” Michigan seeing great cattle, networking with Shorthorn breeders and making new friends. If you plan to participate in the sale on the internet be sure to register by 9 am EST on sale day!

One more thing, we asked the consignors "Why do you breed Shorthorns?” Their answers on page 1 are profound and inspiring. We’ll be asking you the same question on Facebook in the coming weeks. Think about it and share your “why."
Auctioneer: Kevin Wendt | Sale Day Phones 989-798-8223 or 989-965-6363

The Great Shorthorn Revival photo