Selling an elite set of donor females and genetics from the heart of the famed Northline Angus herd.

The sale will close at 7:00 pm sharp on December 18th. Bidding will be open the day prior.

If you have any questions or would like to arrange for a tour call:
Howard at 780-977-0023 | David Schneider at 780-619-1480
Jade Kelley at 940-999-1045 | Chad Oates at 940-399-8100

Terms and Conditions
Cattle can be left at the purchasers risk until January 15, 2019 at the Northline Farm. After January 15, 2019, animals may be boarded at $3/day. Insurance will be available. Delivery will be at cost. We will assist with in-country and cross border delivery. We will have a truck going to the Denver Stock Show in early January and will work with U.S. Buyers to accommodate delivery.

• The sale will be conducted in Canadian funds to be determined on December 17th.
• Embryos and semen will sell (x) the money. Number of units x the purchase price.

Northline Angus 2018 photo