Hoover Angus Online Angus Sale - The Hoover Angus Family
October 22nd 7:00 PM central is Closing Time
Cattle located at Hoover Angus Farm, 2731 Squirrel Ave., Ellston, IA 50074

After 91 years in the Angus business, the Hoover Angus family has decided to put together this offering with some of the best genetics derived from decades of disciplined breeding. Whether you are looking for embryos out of cows that have proven their worth the hard way, the old fashioned way; whether you are looking for that branded cow family whose name is noteworthy in the breed; whether you are seeking the next breed-leading $C female; or a “pick” from an entire heifer crop, check out what we offer here. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to dig into the proven side of Hoover Angus females as well as some of the most up-and-coming!

For more information:
Landi at 641-344-7684 | Wes Tiemann 816-244-4462 | Chris Earl 630-675-6559
NOTE: Sale will close at exactly 7:05 PM and will extend 3 minutes as long as bidding occurs. At the point no other bids occur within a 3 minute interval, the sale will close and lots will be sold to the highest bidders. TERMS of SALE are located in the sale catalog PDF that is attached to this page.

Hoover Angus ONLINE ONLY 2019 photo